New Milestone: 18 Million Measured Tons

Author: Stockpile Reports

New Milestone: 18 Million Measured Tons | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports is proud to announce that our clients have measured over 18 million tons of aggregates using our service from 9 countries across the globe.

The team travels the the world meeting with clients. Snow is melting and 2014’s Q1 has just ended, so it’s been a busy March. We wouldn’t want it any other way! We’re enjoyed working with our clients, having the opportunity to share meals and BBQ with them and view some beautiful American countryside. Here are a few photos from our travels in the past week.

New Milestone: 18 Million Measured Tons | Blog | Stockpile Reports

We’re delighted that businesses continue to realize and validate various ways that our service can be used to improve productivity and reduce costs.  Many have recognized savings based on their reduced labor costs alone.

When customers engage with us, we don’t just sit back and hope they succeed. We work to ensure they are trained, coach them with tips, listen to their suggestions and help them get the most value from our service. This includes assisting them with tutorials and explaining our site and individual stockpile reports.

If you are a Quarry Manager, an Aggregates Manager, a Construction Sales Managers or a CFO and want easy, accurate measurements please connect with us. The Stockpile Reports team is ready to help.

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