150 Million Tons Measured

Author: Stockpile Reports

New Milestone: 150 Million Tons Measured | Blog | Stockpile Reports

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know we enjoy sharing business information and customer insights.

We regularly write about how great our customers are. In fact, Stockpile Reports had a new milestone recently— our customers have now measured over 150 million tons of material using our platform, with the iPhone, Aerial, and UAV!

“What do you measure?” is a common question all of us get asked.

Everyone has seen stockpiles of material on highways and construction sites. Outside of our industry, most people assume the only materials measured are what they commonly see everyday. Ask my kids what gets measured and they’ll reply, “Rocks, gravel, and dirt.”

“Rocks, gravel and dirt” are important of course, but customers continue to surprise us with many other kinds of items that need to be measured often. Here’s a graphic of the top materials our customers measure, grouped by type.

New Milestone: 150 Million Tons Measured | Blog | Stockpile Reports

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