15-Million Ton Milestone

Author: Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Reports hits 15-Million Ton Milestone | Blog | Stockpile Reports

Over 15 million tons of aggregates have now been measured– that’s an increase of 5 million tons since December of 2013! Our customers have been busy, despite the “Polar Vortex” that affected much of the US in early January.

That’s a lot of activity for the past month. Businesses have discovered that using a smartphone as a stockpile measurement tool is an easy way to calculate tonnage and volume in a matter of hours.

The resulting pile data reports— available in both visual and statistical forms—enables companies to gain insight into how production has progressed monthly and even weekly. Videos and corresponding reports give insight into how loader operators are building piles,  how piles accrue and shrink, and help site managers to recommend changes and process improvements.

Businesses continue to realize and validate various ways that our service can be used to improve productivity and reduce costs.  Many have recognized savings based on reduced labor costs alone.

Imagine if you could measure your stockpiles every month and be confident that the results are consistently accurate, without having to worry about expensive technical training, high equipment costs or the safety of your on-site team?

Plan for a more efficient, profitable 2014.

It’s time to minimize your discomfort with your current measurement method. The Stockpile Reports system’s results are consistently excellent, comparable to stationary LiDAR and mobile laser scanning. Contact us to find out how your business can get started now.

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