Announcing a New 10-Million Ton Milestone!

Author: Stockpile Reports

Announcing a New 10-Million Ton Milestone! | Stockpile Reports

All of us at Stockpile Reports expected to reach the 10-million milestone event sometime in December, but we didn’t expect our customers to reach that number so soon!

Over ten-million tons of construction aggregates have been measured this year using the Stockpile Reports application.

This number represents 0.50% of the approximately 2 billion tons of aggregates sold domestically in 2012.

Many clients are busy measuring now so they can view what has happened since their last inventory, and plan for 2014. Piles move, expand and contract (especially in the winter months) so needing to know what’s happening with them in a timely way is a business necessity.

The convenience and ease of using a smartphone as a stockpile measurement tool enables customers to obtain accurate tonnage and volume data in a matter of hours. This is really appreciated in December’s cold, unpleasant weather!

The resulting pile data reports— available in both visual and statistical forms—enables companies not only review current inventory, but also look back in time and gain insight into how production has progressed monthly and even weekly. Videos and corresponding reports give insight into how loader operators are building piles, how piles accrue and shrink, and help site managers to recommend changes and process improvements.

This information makes company accounting departments happy because they get good, frequent inventory values. Quarry and aggregates managers can plan their production most effectively.

Companies can plan for a more efficient, profitable 2014. Each Site Report collects the stockpile data for a measured site and overlays them on a Google Maps view. The shaded areas represent various stockpile data collected, and clicking on an individual stockpile reveals information about the material, tonnage and volume.

The Stockpile Reports team expects December to continue to be a busy month– and a cold one. Dress warmly!

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