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Founder & CEO

David drives the overall strategic vision and 3D product definition for Stockpile Reports. He brings over 18 years of software innovation and global application and deployment experience in the technology sector as a seasoned entrepreneur and Fortune 100 executive. David led the strategic vision and product strategy for big data analytics and Wi-Fi content management services companies. In 2003, he launched the Mobile Media Consortium to develop groundbreaking research for real-world mobile applications. David Boardman sits on the Board of Directors for Open Perception, focused on advancing the development and adoption of BSD-licensed open source software for 2D and 3D processing of sensory data. David leads the team with a no-nonsense, real-world experience management style. David was famously quoted as forecasting widespread digitization. “Within 10 years every square centimeter of an aggregates operation will be modeled accurately in 3D and tracked every minute of every day.” – David Boardman, CEO Stockpile Reports, November 2013, Washington Aggregates Association Keynote

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