The Most Advanced Continuous Materials Inventory Tracking System

For companies that buy, sell, and transport products, our continuous inventory tracking solution for logistics is second to none. We help bulk material companies just like yours automate their inventory management by monitoring inventory levels in near-real-time, reordering inventory when levels drop below a specified level, provide confidence in forecasting, quoting, and fulfilling, and eliminating human error.

Excess inventory can hinder profit margins, reduce available cash flow, and end up costing companies millions of dollars. It’s important to have the right amount of inventory on hand to meet demand, all while avoiding carrying excess inventory.

Implementing our fixed camera solution will save you millions of dollars. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Manufacturing and bulk material companies are investing $1.2 Trillion dollars in technology (2019) aimed solely at the end goal of being more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Current image-based measurement systems require someone to physically travel to a location, fly a drone or walk around with a camera and then upload data to a data software system. Each of these steps takes time which limits the frequency that your company can measure inventory.

Stockpile Reports’ Logistics solution installs fixed-cameras at your sites which collects imagery hourly, daily, or on-demand. The camera system uploads the imagery to Stockpile Reports’ patented image-processing platform, generating precise volumetric reports with no human involvement, providing your company complete autonomy in the inventory management process.

If your company is currently calling or traveling to different sites to collect inventory level data, you will be substantially more efficient and profitable with Stockpile Reports for Logistics.

Our system sends alerts and notifications based on inventory volume thresholds, triggering re-orders, and provides inventory data as needed. You will always have the correct data to make operational decisions and you can confidently quote and fulfill sales orders with Stockpile Reports for Logistics.

If you have ever experienced quoting an order without enough inventory to fulfill it, you understand the importance of having the right amount of inventory at all times. If you’ve gotten to the end of the year and had to explain an overstock of materials, you know that precise inventory ordering is critical to business operations and production.

Measuring inventory exposes you and your company to risk both on-site and financially. Not only is it error-prone and inconsistent, but it also requires employees to take undue risk to complete measurements. Employees are climbing over and around stockpiles, risking a slip and fall, or worse. You will eliminate the risk to your employees and the risk of a lawsuit with the Stockpile Reports for Logistics solution.

How It Works

The process is highly-automated, fast, and reliable. We're here to solve your logistics and inventory problems and give you the power to make your financials run much more smoothly.

  1. SR Installs Fixed Cameras

    We install low-cost, rugged cameras at your locations.

  2. You Set Thresholds

    Set upper and lower limit stockpile thresholds for when you need to reorder more material.

  3. SR Monitors Stockpile Volumes

    Our system monitors your stockpile volumes at a predetermined frequency that fits your needs. It can even monitor in near-real-time.

  4. SR Tracks Your Dispatches

    The system automatically triggers dispatch notifications for replenishment orders, requiring no human monitoring or intervention.

  5. View Status Reports

    Easily monitor the status of any stockpile at any of your sites across the entire company using the online dashboard.

Bonus Feature

Near Real-Time

No need to physically send employees to each site for inventory updates. Permanently installed fixed cameras at each site enables Stockpile Reports to monitor your inventory levels in near real-time, ensuring you never run out of stock.

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