The Safer, More Efficient, And Precise Solution For Inventory Measurement

Companies with stockpiles of material trust Stockpile Reports to measure and track their inventory. We help companies just like yours become highly automated, streamline operations, forecast more accurately, confidently quote and fulfill orders, increase safety and reduce risk on the job site, and reduce human error.

Stockpile Reports enables customers to measure their stockpiles by taking photos from drones or the Stockpile Reports iPhone app. If you don’t have a drone, don’t worry. Stockpile Reports has pilots everywhere in North America. We can fly your sites for you, whenever you want. If you have a drone and want to fly it yourself, we’ll make sure that you and your staff are trained by a Stockpile Reports pro.

You might be thinking, “sounds expensive,” however, Stockpile Reports is truly an affordable solution with significant benefits. The service is fast and easy to use making inventory counts a breeze. You can measure what you want, when you want, and where you want – all using a drone or our iPhone app. It’s really that easy.

Your company will be able to gather precise and reliable inventory data that helps you improve the bottom line. Stockpile Reports enables companies to be able to confidently quote and fulfill orders, reduce year-end write-offs, and prevent inventory discrepancies before they happen.

Many companies say they save you time and money, but we really do. Right now, your employees are in the field taking manual inventory counts, costing you time and money. Not to mention manual counts have a high potential to be inaccurate or inconsistent or both. Companies are able to gather consistent and reliable inventory numbers while re-allocating manual measurement time to revenue-generating tasks with Stockpile Reports.

Climbing on stockpiles to measure inventory exposes companies to a significant risk of employee injury. Regardless of the safety procedures imposed, climbing over, under, on top of, or inside materials is not a risk that companies should be taking. Stockpile Reports is an affordable, reliable, and precise alternative.

Companies can quickly and easily measure inventory using their iPhone, reducing the risk of injury. Companies also have the option to ask us to fly their sites or fly their own drone to measure stockpiles.

How It Works

The Stockpile Reports for Inventory process is highly-automated, fast, and reliable. We're here to solve your inventory problems and give you the power to make your financials run much more smoothly.

  1. Identify Your Inventory Needs

    Evaluate the company need for precise, reliable inventory counts whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can measure as frequently as you want with a couple of clicks!

  2. Schedule Your Drone Flights

    The Stockpile Reports will come to your sites. You name the date and the location and we'll send a pilot to measure your inventory. You also have the option to use your own drones.

  3. Let Us Know Which Piles to Measure

    Our system auto-identifies your stockpiles. All you need to do is approve which stockpiles you need for inventory.

  4. View the Reports

    You will receive automatically generated detailed inventory reports for your sites and stockpiles.

  5. Share With Your Team

    Your finance, operations, and sales teams can access all the reports from the Stockpile Reports web portal. The measurement data is easily exportable to Excel and can be directly integrated with your software systems.

Bonus Feature

Dispute Resolution

We’re the only solution that has an automated workflow for handling measurement disputes and addressing variances. Measurement disputes are often the largest hidden time-suck in the inventory management process.

Eliminate this hidden problem with Stockpile Reports’ automated process for tracking and managing measure disputes.

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Please contact us if you would like to try Stockpile Reports at your company. We’ll connect you with an inventory specialist that will walk you through our platform and tailor the demo to your company's specific needs and goals.

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