Regardless of your industry, we are here to help you manage your inventory better, more efficiently, and more confidently.

From aggregates and mining to building and construction materials, our mobile app is able to measure your inventory reliably. If you are tired of managing your own enterprise drone program or simply want to be more efficient with your drone measurement processes, we are here to help.

We Can Fly All Your Sites in a Single Day

No joke. We can actually fly all of your sites and/or plants in a single day delivering you comprehensive data the next business day. All you have to do is sign up for Stockpile Reports, schedule your flights in bulk via our aerial dashboard, and kick back and wait for amazing results. No more coordinating expensive travel costs. Skip the employee risk. Improve profitability and efficiency. Be more confident in your inventory levels and the ability to fulfill sales orders.

Industry Stats

47 Countries

is the number of countries that Stockpile Reports has customers in

49 States

is the number of states that Stockpile Reports has customers in

500k Measurements

is the number of measurements that have been taken since 2012

275 Customers

is the number of Stockpile Reports customers

Measure Your Inventory on Demand

With Stockpile Reports, you have the ability to measure inventory with your iPhone. We are the first and only inventory measurement company that offers a user-friendly mobile app for iPhone. Take the measurements on your iPhone, upload them, get data quickly. That’s all there is to it. Putting the power of inventory measurement and management in the hands of your employees enables you to be proactive, efficient, and timely.

Monitor Inventory Levels & Automate Reordering

You can confidently quote, sell, and deliver on sales orders with Stockpile Reports. You can accurately forecast and budget knowing how much inventory you have on hand at a given time. If there are seasonal elements to your business or operation, this solution is for you – SR for Logistics. We install low-cost, rugged cameras to monitor your inventory in near real-time. When inventory gets low, a reorder notification will be sent so you never miss a beat.

Other Industry Customers

Ozinga | Customers | Stockpile Reports

"It used to take me an hour per stockpile [to measure] and I'd get 1/100,000 the data and information on the pile that I get now. I'd have to stay overnight to finish ‘Henry’ the big pile. Now, I can go home to my family instead of staying in a hotel."

Jon Gombis, Ozinga, QC Lead

Lane Construction | Customers | Stockpile Reports

"I can’t tell you how much time it has saved us as auditors reviewed our year-end accounts. Before, we spent countless hours in January and February tracking down missing information and sending people to sites to gather info. Having consistent month-to-month data made for a really happy corporate finance team. It would be impossible to put a value on the amount of grief and aggravation Stockpile Reports Pro has saved us."

Mark Crain, Lane Construction, Operations Controller

Full List

10X Engineered Materials, LLC

Anderson Brothers

Bishop Brothers Inc.


California Rock Crusher Corp.


Civil Materials

Dawson Construction

Duckels Construction

EDW C Levy



Graybill Processing

Group III

Groupe IMOG

Hemphill Brothers

Indeck Ladysmith, LLC

Jade Excavation

James Hardie Building Products

Keenum Excavation & Construction

Lane Construction

M.Luis Construction Co.

Mainline Construction

McDonald Group

McGarvin Moberly Construction

Meridian Brick




Perfetto Contracting

Phillips & Jordan

Church Dwight

Reeves Construction

Sage Management


Sill and Son Contracting Inc


Smith and Sons

Solid Rock Crushing, LLC

U.S. Steel

Villager Construction

VSA Group

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