A typical mining company tracks production traditional methods: perpetual inventory accounting, belt scales, bucket counts, walking wheels, etc.

Traditional inventory tracking methods have potential for error. Small errors such as material output variations due to miscalibrated belt scales add up over time. These errors are not discovered until a quarterly or semi-annually survey takes place, typically leading to a sizable inventory adjustment that can derail a company’s financials.

We know it is tough to reduce inventory risk without a precise, affordable and user friendly measurement solution. This is why we have spent the past 7 years working with hundreds of mining and aggregates producers to provide you with a measurement solution to track your entire inventory at scale with minimal effort. Weekly or monthly measurements of your entire inventory means you will no longer run the risk of a large inventory adjustment. No more painful surprises for your CFO and CEO.

Industry Stats

50% of U.S. Energy

is generated from coal and uranium

13,080 Mining Operations

are located in the U.S.

27 Mine Fatalities

occurred in 2018 in the U.S.

Drive Efficiency

Measuring aggregates reserves currently requires employees to physically inspect and make estimates, manually entering the inventory levels. This is a very slow, expensive and error prone process. Automated sensing systems have been too expensive to deploy across the entire company. Stockpile Reports for Logistics adds near real-time continuous inventory levels to existing logistics software solutions to give your company a giant boost to the return on investment for their enterprise logistics plans. Low cost fixed camera systems can be mounted in warehouses and storage yards to automatically calculate inventory levels, replacing the need for manual entry by humans. These fixed camera measurements can be scheduled to run at given times throughout the day, set to run on a recurring frequency interval, or automatically triggered after motion occurs. The Stockpile Reports Logistics system sends alerts and notifications, triggering re-orders and providing inventory levels data needed to better organize delivery.

Reduce Injury Risk

Mining companies measure inventory on a daily basis to ensure they are meeting production targets. However, manual inventory counts pose a significant risk to employees health and safety, exposing the company to the risk of a workplace injury. Just one workplace injury can set back a company day or week of production and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. You can automate the inventory measurement process with Stockpile Reports by using fixed-cameras, iPhones, and drones, eliminating the risk of injuries and lawsuits.

Reduce Human Error

Nothing is more painful than discovering you have a sizeable inventory adjustment at the end of the quarter due to simple data entry mistakes. Manual data entry is riddled with errors and inconsistencies. Your inventory measurement and tracking process is entirely automated with Stockpile Reports, eliminating human error and human intervention. You will never have write-off again due to a simple data entry error.

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The leading producer and supplier of silica sand, frac sand, and other industrial minerals, U.S. Silica trusts Stockpile Reports for consistent, reliable inventory data, time savings, and newfound efficiencies within the organization.

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