DOT and county governments have a unique challenge of measuring hundreds of stockpiles spread out over thousands of highway miles.

The logistical and financial challenge of deploying surveyors out to each stockpile to measure inventory in a single month is impossible. Stockpile Reports solves this problem by putting a precise and easy to use stockpile measurement device in every maintenance worker’s pocket.

How Do We Do It?

Through our patented iPhone app, maintenance workers can measure a stockpile in less than 5 minutes without walking on the material and receive inventory results in less than 24 hours.

Industry Stats

6 State

DOTs use Stockpile Reports

6 Local

Governments use Stockpile Reports

67k Piles

across 2,108 sites have been measured by 1,447 government employees

$2.1 Million

annually is saved by Texas DOT using Stockpile Reports

Monitoring of Your Salt Pile Reserves in Near-Real-Time

Salt is the most critical maintenance material for your DOT during the winter. De-icing roads and keeping transportation moving during snow and ice events is a monumental challenge due to unpredictability and short response time frames. Ensuring your maintenance crews have adequate reserves of salt is a major factor in determining your winter maintenance success. We remove the logistical challenge of ensuring your team has enough salt on hand by monitoring your salt stockpiles in near real-time and reporting the stockpile reserves in a centralized inventory viewer. Preset minimum salt reserve thresholds in the centralized viewer will automate the ordering of more salt ensuring your crews never run out.

Verify Stockpile Deliveries

Discovering a material order from a 3rd party vendor is short on volume creates large headaches for maintenance projects which often lead to completion delays and additional expenses. Stockpile Reports’ iPhone measurement app gives your crews the ability to verify the volume of a stockpile delivery before it is too late. You will never run into a situation where you are short on materials again.

Eliminate Injury Risk

DOTs need to measure stockpile inventory on a daily basis to ensure maintenance assets are properly tracked. However, manual inventory counts pose a significant risk to employees health and safety, exposing the DOT to the risk of a workplace injury. Just one workplace injury can a DOT hundreds of thousands of dollars settlement claims. You can automate the inventory measurement process with Stockpile Reports by using fixed-cameras, iPhones, and drones, eliminating the risk of injuries and lawsuits.

DOTs & County Governments Industry Customers

TxDOT | Customers | Stockpile Reports

TxDOT is a valuable DOT client of Stockpile Reports. Beginning with a trial, they have since expanded the Stockpile Reports service throughout their entire department. Working with Stockpile Reports has saved them $2.1M per year in measurement costs, 20 FTEs per year in measurement time, improved employee cubic yard estimates by 27%, and adjusted the existing cubic yard inventory down by 40%.

Pierce County DOT | Customers | Stockpile Reports

Pierce Country Public Works has been utilizing Stockpile Reports since 2014. They trust that our service can provide consistent, reliable data to better manage their inventory. By implementing Stockpile Reports into their department, they are saving time and money, becoming more efficient, and ensuring that they have the right inventory at the right time.

Full List

Diproinduca Canada Limited

Hillsdale Country Road Commission

Idaho Transportation Department

Montana Department of Transportation

Oregon Department of Transportation

Pierce County DOT

Pierce County Public Works

Rusk County

Toowoomba Regional Council


Western Downs Regional Council

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