Get Inventory Done Across Your Entire Company in a Single Day! | Stockpile Reports

Get Inventory Done Across Your Entire Company in a Single Day!

Companies are wasting millions of dollars on the man-hours, equipment, and overhead costs of trying to run their own drone programs for getting inventory done across their organizations.

All You Can Eat Day Pass | Unlimited Drone Flights | $5,000 | Stockpile Reports

Try out our "We Fly For You" aerial service with an "all you can eat" day pass, giving you the power to get inventory done across your entire company in a single day.

*Must be used all at once. Offer good in US only and available to existing and new customers.

For example, take a look at a large national company like Vulcan Materials with their 300 locations. They’d spend nearly $2 million a year to fly their own drones for quarterly inventory at all their sites. With Stockpile Reports that cost would only be $300 thousand a year for quarterly flights.

Vulcan Materials Company | All You Can Eat Day Pass | Offers | Stockpile Reports

Try this out yourself. We’re offering a $5,000 All You Can Eat Day Pass, where we’ll send out our pilots to all your locations in a single day. You can enjoy the power and reliability of our service for yourself, get inventory off your plate, and focus on more high-value work.

If you’re an existing customer who is flying your own drones, you can try it out, having our pilots fly for you, and free up your resources for higher value work. A 100-site inventory normally costs $25,000 for our pilots to fly for you.

Try it out with this All You Can Eat Day Pass, and enjoy the power of getting inventory done fast, without all the hassle.

What you get:

  • Unlimited drone flights over unlimited sites for an entire day
  • Auto-generated reports with detailed inventory measurements for every stockpile via our online dashboard
  • Our experts are there to help guarantee your success, making everything run smoothly
  • 100% confidence in your inventory levels across your entire company

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