Improve the profit performance of your mining, quarrying, and rock crushing operations with the revolutionary new Stockpile Reports system. 

Stockpile Reports delivers accurate stockpile volume, tonnage and pile locations using an Apple® iPhone® 4S/5/5C/5S/6 device, Walking Wheel, GPS or Laser data.

iPhone, Laser, GPS, Walking Wheel icons Enable Your Business to Become More Productive and Save Money

The benefits of using the Stockpile Reports’ system add up to better decision-making, faster inventory turns and lower operating expenses.

  • Calculate stockpile tonnage and calculations monthly, every week or even by day
  • Promote employee safety and MSHA compliance
  • Greater timeliness— receive calculations in hours
  • Reduce third party expenses related to measuring
  • Remote site management and accountability
  • Lower equipment costs and set-up
  • Provide automatic audit trails and monthly reports

Site, Stockpile and Historical Measurement Reports

  • Evaluate a stockpile’s tonnage from month to month, or weekly with on-line reporting.
  • Review and share current and historical volume calculations, aggregates tonnage, and other stockpile data with your team.
  • Share and file the data results as a PDF document or keep it for fast online access.

click to view sample stockpile measurement report

Contact Stockpile Reports, Inc. today for more information about this subscription-based service. Your company may qualify for a limited no-cost trial.